Bewegungsfelder Inertial Motion Capture (2016)

Bewegungsfelder is a mobile & customizable inertial motion capture system for skeletal animation. The system is mainly a software to capture and record skeletal animations and standalone IMU sensor modules based on the ESP8266 Wifi SoC.

Feaures include:

  • Flexible skeleton definition.
  • Live 3D visualisation of sensors and skeleton pose.
  • Recording & playback of animations.
  • BVH file export & import.
  • UDP server accepts incoming sensor values.
Bewegungsfelder sensors
Bewegungsfelder Screenshot

The IMU sensors are stand-alone, each sensor transmits a Quaternion containing current orientation and raw acceleration and angular rates (used for sensor calibration). The communication protocol ist straightforward and easy to implement on other chips as well. (i.e. Smartphones)

Bewegungsfelder Sensors
ESP8266 & MPU6050 IMU Sensors.

The project started out as a final project for my diploma and is now on Github:Bewegungsfelder on Github

I also made standalone BVH Parser for JavaScript: BVHImporter on Github, and an extension to support Three.js animations, which is now included in the Three.js Loader collection here.

Tools Software/Server: C# & WPF (MVVM), Helix Toolkit for 3D stuff.

Tools Hardware/Firmware: C, ESP8266 Official SDK, MPU6050 Digital Motion Processor, bitbanged I2C driver.

Motion Captured Robot
Flexible skeleton definition makes it easy to work with robots...
...or humans